Monday, May 5, 2008

My Little QQ Chery

Praise The Lord again! My parents brought for me a new car for me to drive to work. Thanks God for that. But sad to say, I have still in my fear of driving, ever since the accident. Well, I believe I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I have take the step of faith by starting the car and moving it front and back. Haha, next step?? Maybe, start driving in town...pray for me for more courage to drive, then I can be a blessings as a driver...:)

My QQ Chery

The Inside

My Car Deco

~Courage To Drive~


Jenny Helena said...

that's a super nice car that you had. Hmm... I totally have no idea that that you had 'bad dream' on driving.. However, it's true that we all have to overcome that fear and not hiding it.. Don't too worry about that, ya?

lissakong said... nice that car and very suit you...if blue colour lagi liang oh...hehehehehe...don worry you can drive one don like me oh...don know how to drive...hehehe

Lydiaclo said... also can learn de lisence of 6 yrs+ 'lao mao eh den'...hahaha....

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