Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Jesus Heals

People around me are getting sick. The other day I went into the clinic to get their phone number, I saw many people down with flu and cough and sore throat, this is a package sickness. The doctor say, this is the season for that sickness. I went back home feeling scare and start eating Vitamin C everyday, I don't wish to get sick again. I have been sick three times since January and no way am I getting sick again. I would like to pray for those who are sick:
Lord, I pray that You will bless those who are sick, I prayed that they will received instant healing from You RIGHT NOW! Take away all sickness, all uncomfortability, uneasiness away from them and I cast it all down under our feet. Go in the Name of Jesus Christ. Let the healing takes place in everyone. Bless them good health. In Jesus name I pray. AMEN!
~Jesus Heals~

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~A. Mikhaila~ said...

That was a beautiful's just wonderful to know that there's someone who still cares sincerely for others...most people nowadays tend to be self-absorbed...May God bless you with good health...Grace be with you always...Amen ")