Monday, May 5, 2008

Pray Like Nehemiah

Praise The Lord! God really listen to our cry when we pray. I really learned something from YPS, and yes, I bring it back to my church and applied it here. In the YPS, God helped me know what is my spiritual gift, well, it's a double confirm of my spiritual gift. It's intercession! I was having this struggle of whether to join Worhsip Ministry or Intercessor Ministry. I pray about it and God say Intercessor ministry. So, I obeyed Him and joined the Intercessor. That was one week before I went to YPS. Then, only I know that my gift was on intercessor. Yeah, I didn't make the wrong choice of joining Intercessor Ministry.

Things are getting tougher and tougher each day, I even faced spiritual attacks during YPS, well, I also found out that I am not the only one facing the attacks, even my roomates also facing attacks. We uphold each other in prayers and encourage each other. Thank God for them. I really learned a lot on prayers. I was sharing with one friend, when he told me that many are called to served God, but not many of them have the willing heart and a heart that cries for God's people.One thing that I learned from this friend was to pray like Nehemiah, how he depended on God and his frequent prayers to Him. Nehemiah mourned and not eat for several days, he prayed to God and cried for the people. He even confessed sins on behalf of them. This really striked me, and for the past few days and weeks, I have been practising this kind of prayer ever since. Even last saturday, I went for intercessor prayer meeting, one of the uncle leading, say he saw vision and that we should pray and cry to God, he asked us to kneel with out hands together both lifted up as a sign of bringing all the burdens to God, which is exactly as in his vision. I did it, and I lifted all my burdens to God, EVERYTHING that has been bothering me. Wow! I really felt great peace after lifted everything to God.

Mother's Day Presentation Practice

Mother's Day Presentation Practice-Younger Class

One of the thing that I bring to God was the children ministry in COHS, J-Kids. Every week I went and every week I can see them fighting. There are children who don't accept Jesus and you can even hear them shouting I don't love Jesus. It really pains my heart. I really prayed and cry for them, and guess what, yesterday, the children ministry have a breakthrough, the two most naughtiest children didn't even fight, and most intersting is, they even practice Mother's Day performance together with the rest of the children. I was so happy that I was almost in tears. God does answer prayer. Well, this doesn't mean we can stop praying now, it means that we need to pray even more.

~Nehemiah Prayer~

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lissakong said...

yes indeed we need to pray everyday and non stop pray...hehe....