Friday, August 15, 2008

Submission and Humility

Today devotion are very encouraging, I hope it also speaks to those who are reading my blog. Sometimes, we complained why am I here, why am I being sent to this deserted place? I am far more better than this, I deserve to be sent to a better place, a bigger place where I can show some bit of my talent there. Well, God knows our heart, the one thing that He might want us to learn will be humility. Human are weak, and the thing that will make them fall would be being too proud of themselves, sometimes, we really need to humble ourselves and not to be too proud.

Submission to leaders are also very important, God put you here in that particular place, He has His purpose and plan and even the leader are all planned by Him. Like it or not, we still need to be submissive and be obedient to leader, cause by submitting to the leader, you are actually submitting to God's plan. Well, things may not be as perfect as you think but even if you need to go through all the suffering of waiting, well, why not continue to wait patiently? We claim God's sure promise and trust in His Word, afterall God promise rainbow after the storm. We don't need to worry. Whatever God want us to do, simply just do whatever you can do and He will definately use all your efforts to further His plan, the more effort you put in, the more God will be pleased. So, doing extra things is always a blessings.

God never puts you in the wrong place to serve Him. Everything is well planned by God.

~Be Submissive and Humble~


Bea said...

submission & humility....thnx for the reminder, sis =)

Lydiaclo said...

Yeah...must always remember that...thanks for your comment 'B'...miss ya...