Saturday, August 23, 2008

Ministering To Children

Finally, STS Extension Theological Education Program - Ministering to Children come to an end, well, not exactly the end yet, but we finished all the lecture class now left the assignment, due date end of October. Need to finished it as soon as possible. I have to pass with distinction no matter what. Well, this is just the beginning of the Certificate of Church Ministry. I still have 14 credit hours with 7 more subjects to go. Anyway, I really enjoyed the Ministering to Children's class taught by Ms. Saik Oy Moi. She is a very cute lecturer and a very good lecturer. We really learned a lot from her. Here are some pictures of me and my classmates and the crazy stuffs we did together during presentation. Good to be small kid, huh?

The Gangz

During Lecture Time

Ice Breaker: Trees and The Squirrel

Ice Breaker: Trees and The Squirrel

Ice Breaker: Guess The Person on The Other Side

Ice Breaker: See Who Faster

Drama: The Prodical Son

Story Telling: Jesus Raise The Dead

Story Telling: David and Goliath

Sharing Time

Sharing Time

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