Monday, May 21, 2007

Journey of Faith

Why must I go through all the pain?
Why does it have to be me?
A question that no one can answer
Except for God

Trials which is so hard to bear,
Can I go through it?
I felt hopeless,
No one can help me.

It is so suffering and so painful
That only God know it best
A journey that I have gone too far
Too far for me to turn back.

All I can do is surrender
Nothing can be done
Only God can do it
The impossible to possible

A journey of faith
That brings me through all pain
A journey that gives me strength as I overcome
Faithful till the end.

Enduring hardship is not on my own
Jesus is all ready to take the lead
Preparing me for the journey
Persevering till the end.

Faith that tries His faithfulness
His faithfulness we will see in the end
As long as we endure
And be good till the end.

Copyright © 2 April 2007 by Lydia Chong

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