Monday, May 21, 2007

Rock-Solid Faithfulness

"Why did God do this to me?" How often humanity has pointed an angry finger at God, accusing and blaming Him for its troubles. This happens when we believe lies about God's character. The truth is that God's character is as solid as a rock. He has never and will never act unjustly or unfairly. He is undeniably innocent. Everything he does is perfect-no faults, no wrong motives and nothing lacking.

When it comes to character, God is not on trial. We are. So often the things we pin the blame on God for are the consequences of humanity's sinful choices, including our own. Anger toward God shows us where we lack understanding about who he is. Accusations against him are without foundation.

God always does what is good and right and loving and profitable for us. Our faith must be founded on a right understanding of his unfailing character. If we allow circumstances and emotions to cause us to doubt his faithfulness we will miss out on the wonderful security that comes from building our foundation on the rock.

God can make nothing to become something and yet He can also make something to become nothing. He gives and He can also take it away. So, what we need to do is we continue to trust God in everything because everything that happens has a great purpose behind. And I don’t doubt this.

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