Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kim Gary, Sungei Wang

Fourth Day (1 September 2008)
1 September is a holiday in replacement of 31 August 2008 (Independent Day) and since it fall on a Sunday, then the holiday is replaced on Monday. Vui Theng are on holiday, so we go 'pak toh' again..haha. This time, we went to Sungei Wang to shop and also to Lawyat (the cheapest place that sell computer stuff in KL). Before we do our shopping, we went to eat out brunch. Seems like we like to brunch a lot...haha. Below are some of the picture I took.

Williams Corner, Taman Megah
We went to Williams to have out dinner, me, Vui Theng, Kelly, Victor and Jovina. Yum the fattening...can you see all the cheese?

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Kelly said...

Yummy..I got one plate of food there leh~~Hungry Liao..finish taking or nott..mammmamm timeeee..EAT..hehe...Yummy..Nice food..Good Place to go & have a try..