Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Kim Gary, Sunway Pyramid

KL Trip Day 2 (30 August 2008)
Today, I went to shopping alone at Sunway Pyramid. Vui Theng went to work liao...So, I ate brunch alone too. But I enjoy myself. I went to Kim Gary to eat my brunch. Here are some of the picture of my food...yum yum!!!

Iced Milk Tea

Borsch Soup

Baked Cheese Rice With Beef

After brunch, I went shopping at Sunway Pyramid, didn't really bought much clothes, which I use to like last time. I bought a lot of books instead. I really loved books. Really spend a lot on books. But, thanks God that church are giving us books allowance on Theology Books (any Christian Books). So, it saved me a lot.

After I done my shopping, went home and prepared for Saturday Night Service at FCC. Wow! It's been few months since I left FCC, really miss it. I enter the building and well, bad, nobody recognized me. I', just like a stranger in a new place. Well, nobody even bothered to even say hi. Well, I take the inniative to talk to my 'leng' (konco-konco) from Nilai. Really miss them and I got a shock, someone is actually driving the van. Way the go man. I am suppose to keep his name annonymous...haha. After awhile, everybody started to notice me and asked the same question, 'when you come back oh?' and I have repeatedly replying the same thing. That night was Nickson preaching. It's the first time i heard him preaching. Seems like God always know when is the right time to speak to us.

I'm feeling a little drained out and tired. Really need some recharge. Thank God for the sermons. It once again remind me of my calling. I sit there in church, thinking and reflecting back what I have gone through before I respond to my calling into full time and also presently what happen. Nickson, also mention that we all should include God in everything. This is great! I felt so much relieved and recharged. Praise the Lord!

~Enjoyable Time Alone~

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