Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Borneo Golf Resort, Bungawan

The Lions 2 CG have our Alpha Holy Spirit Weekend Away in a very deserted place somewhere between Menumbuk and also Beaufort on the 12-13 August 2008. It's my 7th month with the CG and I found myself still not really open up in the new cell yet cause I am those type who are reserved and not easily trust people. My boss gave me a choice to choose any CG I want to join except the young adult CG and my parents CG. So, I pray about it and God show me this CG. This CG consist of people from all ranged of age, there are aunties and uncles, some working adults and I happened to be the youngest in the CG. Topic they talked sometimes really don't interest me and always make me sleepy cause they normally talk about stock money and etc...you got what I mean?

Well, after the Alpha Weekend Away, everything changed. Our relationship become stronger and closer and I am more opened up and now only I know my cell group are crazy. I love to be with them now. Here are some of the picture I took during our trip.

Lions 2 CG

We take picture in the ferry.

Juana, Selina (my dearest cell leader) and Rita

When we arrived at the resort, the rooms are not ready yet due to we arrived too early, so, we end up hanging around in the conference room (the room that we are going to use for the Alpha DVD Screening and ministering time). Have a look at what we all did in the conference room.

Ho Ho...Alex...you have been busted!!

Does the table looked like those in the casino? Haha...well, we are just playing UNO lah...not the poker cards, so don't misunderstand woh...he he...

The Restaurant With The Sofa Set

Seated For Lunch

Another View Of The Restaurant

Took some Koreans eating in the restaurant. This resort seems like doing business for the Koreans because the banner are in Korean, even the buffet food are all Korean food. We met a lot of Koreans in the resort, too.

Our Food

Conference Room

We had an early session after lunch in the conference room and end early. After that, we went back to our room.

Me and Juana's Room

Risk Time...Too Bad...The Guys Start Without Us..

~Happy Happy Timez~

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