Monday, October 13, 2008

Holy Cross Mission

I guess I take a very long time to update my blog. Due to the busy day. Finally, I uploaded my blog with pictures again. Well, after coming back from Borneo Resort, Bungawan on 13 September 2008, I went to Holy Cross Church, Kuala Sapi on Monday which is 15 September 2008. Holy Cross is one of COHS partner church. They will be celebrating their 50th Anniversary. We went there to support and celebrate together with them. It was a great journey. Before we make our way to Kuala Sapi which is located somewhere near to Sandakan and also Telupid, we stop by at Christ Church Likas to pass something to Archedeacon John. So, while I was there, I got the chance to take some pictures of the church decoration. They are doing decoration for the Mooncake Festival Celebration on the night itself.

The Banner

The Invitation Card

The Church

The Group at Holy Cross Church

Welcome To Kuala Sapi

Our Supper on First Day

Welcoming Dance

Dinner With The School PIBG


Holy Cross Church

The Place Where We Stay

St. Andrew Church, Beluran


The Jeruk...well, this is my most horrible experience...but, at least there is a first time. Can you see the picture? It's all jeruk, they even have Wild Boar Jeruk...they jeruk it with rice and salt for one week, can you imagine the smell? I don't think you would like to eat it but i tasted it cause it is a mission and to show some support to the Kuala Sapi people, I actually ate it...thank God I didn't get Diarrhoea.

The Yummy Yummy Food

The Sounding of Gong

Fireworks (50 Times)

Last Day Supper Fellowship

It was great to be able to spend some time with some aunties and also uncles. I really enjoyed the time talking and sharing with them.


Bea said...

wild boar jeruk?! wah fear factor! hahaha....what did it taste like?

Lydiaclo said...

It tasted like spoiled wild boar...can you imagine eating something that is already spoiled? Like spoiled for few days? Eww...the smell is so the stinks! i guess it will be my first and my last time testing it...haha...yeah..fear factor ya...haha...

Angela said...

haha i tried jeruk durian, ikan dan mangga. not tat bad la
but i oso cannot take it as well

Lydiaclo said...

Wow...u also tested it ahh..but this one that i had really tested weird...i'm not sure whether is it spoiled already or not cause most of my friend say it's not as bad as what it should taste like...haha...