Thursday, October 16, 2008

Risk Fellowship

Transformers Risk

3 October 2008
Sorry for taking so long to update my blog, really busy this few days. Today is a very exciting day cause at night our CG will be having Risk Fellowship! Syok! We have been planning it for so long, ever since backed from Bungawan, but due to we are running Alpha CG now, so there's hardly anytime to play Risk. So, it happened that today is still a holiday week for most of out CG member, so we decide to play Risk at aunty Pauline's house.

The attendance was full. We had two sets of Risk, one is the standard classic Risk and the other one is the Transformers Risk. Wow, it's very complicated compare to the standard Risk. Alex even print out the rules and regulations few days earlier and ask me to study it before we play on the coming day. Well, the difference is, there's only 4 players in the game. Two Autobots and two Decepticons and we can actually team up two by two if we're playing a 4 person game. They even have a 8 sided dice to roll. Everything is just so different and you only got 6 days to play (6 rounds) and then it's the end. Well, me and my team mate, Wilson, we won the game for that night. Bravo! So happy.the game end so fast and we move on to second game using the standard classic risk. Really enjoy the fellowship. Didn't get to take much picture due to being too busy concentrating of the strategy game. But this is good, it helped make our friendship more and more closer. More of having a sense of belonging in this group already.

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