Thursday, October 16, 2008

Together Gether We Walk!

Why 'Together Gether We Walk'? Well, if you check in the dictionary there is not such word as together gether, it's just a word I made up. Well, recently so many things happen to me and it not only affected me, it also effected some of the people close to me. Sometimes, it is so hard to bear. We asked, 'why must I bear this pain?' Well, all I can say is I also cannot tell, but I know my Lord does all things well and I am definately going to trust in Him for I know He will surely bring me through whatever that may come my way.

In order to get out of this horrible negative thoughts that keep coming into my mind which really pulls me down, I make a decision to wake up at 4am to pray everyday and today is my 8th day. I can tell you that I see a lot of breakthrough in my life. I am able to handle things well now with God guidance. Even my negative thoughts have become positive thoughts. More stronger to stand firm and more determine to pray for not only myself but also others. I really find the joy of doing so. Well, waking up at 4am is not easy, I pray and asked God to give me the strength to wake up.

Thank God I am not alone. I am praying together gether with my prayer partner. We learned a lot of things from each other, even from the first time we become prayer partner until now. She has been there to support me in almost everything and I support her, too. I really thank God for her and we shall walk together gether and never give up. YEAH!

~Together Gether We Walk~

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