Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dinner At Waterfront Hotel

2 September 2008
It's the second day of Hari Raya and guess what I did? I stay at home on the first day to rest and also stay at home in the second day to rest. But, not exactly stay at home the whole day. I went to an aunty house for Hari Raya, Yummy! She cooks the best Nasi Briyani, the best Ayam Masak Merah and also the best Rendang. I had an appointment for dinner on the night itself. Alex and Swee Lee asked me and Juana out for dinner. Haha...they are much older than we are but we don't call them aunty nor uncle. Haha...we call them Dato' and Datin instead.

Initially, we thought of going to a restaurant nearby Utama Jaya to eat western food, who knows it did not open, maybe due to Hari Raya and it was raining so heavily that night too. So, we change place and go to Waterfront Hotel to eat our dinner instead. Wow! The food there are not cheap. Alex treated me and Juana and he say we can order whatever we want and so I ordered a Tenderloin Steak, Yummy! It's cooked in a well done of 70%.

Datin and Dato' (I Curi Take Their Picture)

My Tenderloin Steak

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