Thursday, October 30, 2008

Always Says A Prayer (ASAP)

God is good all the time! Well, today is my 22nd day of waking up early to pray and do devotion. This is a great breakthrough for me. I am not a discipline person and waking up early in the morning to pray and spend some time with God and to forgone my beauty sleep is really a hard thing for me to do. Well, this few days I did struggled to get up but I still forced myself to wake up. There's so many people who needed prayer and I got a whole list of them in my prayer list. Out of a Sudden, I thought of a friend of mine whom I bought to church few years back, got too aggresive to bring her to church and she end up ignoring me. It was a sad story.

Well, this few days I never stop praying for her and finally few hours ago, she smses me and guess what? She say she felt like sms-ing me, I asked her why? After almost 2 years not contacting each other, I felt weird. She say she doesn't know why she suddenly thought of me and wanted to sms me. I told her it must be God. Well, I seriously think it is God who is doing all this things.

I remember few years back while I was still studying in Nilai. I had a misunderstanding with my housemate, whom is my best friend in the house. Well, we had a small argument and we end up not talking to each other for 3 months. Can you imagine staying at the same house and sseing each other every day and not talking at all. We even went to the same cell group. Well, I was hurt and I'm also sad. I guess the worse thing that I won't it happen in my life would be to loose a friend. I pray like mad every day about it and finally, after 3 months, we spoke to each other. Our friendship is even better than we use to be and I thank God for that.

Well, it does takes some time when we pray about can take 2 years, it can take 3 months or it can just take awhile. Everything is possible and miracles do happened if we choose to believe and trust in God. All God need from us is just the trust and the patient. Prayer is very important. Ps. David Thien says, "if you want to get married, better start praying." Well, indeed it is true. Never stops praying, you will see some changes on the way.

~Always Says A Prayer~

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