Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Day 2008

25 December 2008
It's Christmas! Nothing special in the morning. We had our Christmas Service. Light refreshment are prepared for everyone.

Fellowship after Service

This is the Chubby Me...Need to Diet liao...

Me and Winnie...

Top: Vivi and Felicia, Bottom: Sophia and Nellie

Gary Wong and Family~ Cutie Xin Yi and Reign Wong

In The afternoon, went to sent Ka Seng and Roy off and also sent my two aunties off to tawau. So coincident, they all same flight to Tawau, transit in KK.

Left to Right: Mum's 2nd Big Sis, Mum and Mum's Third Big Sis

My Cousin, His Wife and His Son, Samuel

Bye Bye Lu...

At night we have a concert by Amy Lim. She looked so much nicer in real person than her poster and she sing so well.

Me and Amy Lim

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