Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

It's New Year 2009. Wow! I can't believe it. One year have passed. 2nd January 2009 will be my one year of working with COHS. Time really passed by so fast. I want to give praise and thanks to God for all the things that He has bring me through, be it the good or the bad ones. Go through a lot of ups and downs. I read a very good book which encourages me a lot.

Are we willing to risk, give up and endure to follow the true God by faith? Well, I guess it is not easy and is it not impossible too for impossible = i'm + possible (I'm Possible!) Kewl huh? Got this from Kelly Chan. He He! Well, sometimes giving up is not a bad thing also cause I know God had His own good and perfect plan. We need to look to God for courage. Trust in Him. Believe in His ability to deliver us. Boldly travel through life and its trials with God as our ultimate Guide!

This year will be a year of breakthrough for me. I will be going to KL for four months. I believe everything happened for a reason and I do believe that there must be something God want me to learn and go through so that I can be a blessings to the people around me.

There are some challenges I need to face this year and I'm going to make sure I do it this time and take the step of faith to overcome the fear.

1. Courage to drive
2. Improve my guitar skill
3. Catch up on my piano skill
4. Pass my last subject...MUST!
5. Build up my passion to pray
6. Build up my faith
7. Be more detail and organize in my work

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Bea said...

Blessed New Year to you, Lydia!!! Ganbatte for God!! =D