Saturday, January 31, 2009

Fifth Day of Chinese New Year

Today we did BBQ Steamboat at my house. It was great. There's only four of us ---> me, my cousin, Brooke, my brother, Joshua and my housemate, Wen Jun. Tzu Bin was suppose to join us but he cannot make it. The food was nice...especially the korean beef...yummy. Thanks to Brooke for marinating it. I will definately go for second round again. We had 'Kwai Fei Lychee' liqueur mixed with Sprite. It tasted nice. I didn't go high and drunk. All of us just take one shot only. It's more that enough for us cause my housemate need to work tomorrow. We also end the night early since Brooke not feeling well and Wen Jun needs to get some sleep already. Here are some of the pictures I've taken.

Brooke, Wen Jun and Joshua

The Food...Super Lots eh....

The Yummy Korean Beef

Well, after done all the cleaning and send Brooke and Ah Jo off. I try to finished off with the cleaning again and oppss....accidentally knocked down one of the glass in my toilet and there it goes down into pieces. Too bad! I thought I can finished clearing everything and get my rest. Haihz...still need to cleaned up the mess. Poor Toby, he got a bit of shock when the glass fell, he try to see if anything wrong with me. Thank God I didn't really get hurt, just a small tiny bit of glass cut my finger....ouch! And there goes my ang paos buy a new glass....:(

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