Friday, January 23, 2009

Time Passed So Fast

18 January 2009
Wow! It's almost the end of the month of January already. I really can't believe it, time really passed so fast. I only have 3 more months for honeymoon. Well, it is so happening in Sunway, really unlike in Labuan where I always sleep early and stay at home every night. Here I only attended one service, well sort of like taking a short break from serving and more to spending more time with God. Last Sunday went to Uptown together with Vui Theng and also Graise to eat our lunch then we went to the Butique around there to shopping. Then at night we went to Steve Corners at OUG time go...heard this place like for coupled of years already but now only got chance to go. Great and nice place to eat. Yummy!

Test Baju...and Take Picture...SS lo....apa lagi...

Test buy lah...too sexy liao...

Cheese Naan,we 4 share share de...Wow! The Nicest that I've ever Mozarella Cheese inside oo...thanks Gabriel Li for the lighting....hehe..if not ahh..can't see at all ooo...coz this is a mamak...very dark...

My Indo Mee Goreng with Egg...Yummy! Jeng Ar!!

The Teh Ais...Very the Jeng Jeng Jeng!!! Totally Satisfied!

19 January 2009
Today quite a sad day cause received a sad news that Sng's brother passed away yesterday due to an accident. Me and Vui Theng went to pay respect and comfort the family together with some of the FCC members. It was my first time attending a Buddhist kinf of funeral. Well, I've already expected the situation but don't really know how it is. So, when on the way to that place, I prayed so hard in my heart. When we reached that place, the monks were chanting there non-stop. They are having ritual prayer till the next morning and then will moved on for burial. The situation there really scare me a little though I keep praying non stop too. When we reached home, Vui Theng prayed for both me and her for peace. Felt so much better after that. Thanks God that I have the opportunity to experience it.

21 January 2009
Today, I'm going to join the Share Group. In FCC, we don't call it Cell Group. It's different, here they dun use the 5Ws but it is more to sharing our personal lives and more closer to each other. Before going to Share Group. I met Vui Theng in Sunway Pyramid for dinner. Yay! Carl's Junior. They have the best french fries I have ever tasted.

Carl's Juniour - Super Star Combo Set

Very Spicy Chicken Tom Yam Soup At Bidara Restaurant

Suppose to walk over to Bidara to meet Jean Tan for Share Group (SG). By the way, I joined Jean Tan's SG. It was raining then I called Joel to picked me up. This is actually a chinese SG and most of the members are from chinese service. We call this a Mamak SG. Kewl huh? We meet up at mamak for SG. It was great to know each and every one of them. They are so welcoming. They even asked me whether I will still continue to join the SG...Well, definately a yes! The most enjoying time was during accompanying Joel to send Xin Yi and also Jian Wei back their home. I can't believe they are so open an so crazy. They were like talking non stop in the car and we were like laughing non stop in the car too. Well, really happy to know them though it's only for 4 months. I believe I will be blessed in this SG and also be a blessings to them too.

After SG, meet up with Brooke, Vivi and Ivan for Karaoke again. We went to a newly opened Karaoke at Pyramid. It was cheap. It's only RM5++ per person. We really enjoy the singing.

22 January 2009
Today, my house got two visitor. Ok, welcome Chris Tan back to Malaysia. He is back for holiday...haha..he gained a little bit of weight already but stil looking 'leng zai' ahh...Another more exciting visitor. Marco's cute little doggy, Toby. He is going back to Tawau for CNY, so Wen Jun helped him to take care of his dog. He is so adorable. He don't simply bark at people. He just want to be pampered. Everyone loved him so much. Here are some of his cutie pictures...

Vui Theng and Toby

So Adorable!!!

So manja ohhh...

Say Cheese....

That's all for now, got to sleep now. 8am class later....

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