Saturday, January 17, 2009

Settling Down busy settling down in Sunway that I really got no time to blog. I'm off from work for 4 months on a study leave and praise the Lord it's a paid leave. Back here to retake my last subject, I waited one year just to retake this one and only last subject for my degree. Time passed so fast. Things are great in Sunway. I'm currently staying at Subang Ville, rented a room here. Praise the Lord for two good house mates from the same church, Wen Jun and also Alvin. The house is so clean and tidy. Wow, guys nowadays really know how to do house chores. Other than that, this house is really warmth and beautiful, will ty to upload some pictures next time.

Well, class started. There are assignment to do already plus end of the semester I will have my final exams. Can you imagine you have stopped studying for one year and now trying to pick up on studying again? Gosh! That is so hard but I have to make sure I pass this paper no matter what. Thanks God for those who are there to encourage me and also to pray for me. Really need it. Thanks a bunch! Apart from that, I've been going around eating nice stuff, Karaoke-ing, window shopping and etc. Here are some of the pictures I took:

Steamed Rice With Steamed Chicken and Sausages at a restaurant near Kim Gary, Pyramid

Went to Williams With Vui Theng and also Gabriel, this is Gab's Chicken Chop

This Is My Carbonara Spaghetti With Meat Balls and Bacons..YUMMY!

We (Me, Viviana, Brooke, Ivan and Aaron) Went to Red Box 'Cheong K'...SIOK!

Vivi and Brooke

Ivan Singing...don't play play..he can sing de tu

Aaron beside there..can't really see him...too dark dey..

Me and Vivi...don't we just look like real sisters?

CNY Deco At Sunway Pyramid

CNY Deco at Sunway Pyramid New Wing

Deco Outside Sunway Pyramid

CNY Deco at Mid one lady playing the Chinese Piano

CNY Deco at Mid Valley

Today, in the afternoon, something funny happened. My 'Kai Di', CK sms and ask me to help web check-in for him. He is late for his 3pm flight to Singapore. He told me he is now on the way rushing to LCCT and can only reached there by 2.30pm. I really got a heart attack helping him web check it. Worse thing is, there is no international web check-in available. I asked him to try to check in there at LCCT and at the same time pray so hard for him to be able to make it. He was blurred when he reached LCCT, called to ask me where is the check in counter and what can he do. I just ask him to try to find the counter and try to check in and Praise The Lord, he is able to make it. He told me that the lady at the counter told him he is too late and the counter closed already but still don't know why, they still let him check in. I guess this is the power of prayer. I hope to see my 'kai di' go church soon. Which this has been a great testimony to him already.

Tonight went to Major Theodore house for Labuanites gathering. It was fun! We so much food annd watch movies together in his house. It's been a long time since we see him. Major Theodore was one of my Youth Leader in Labuan. He is indeed a great and strong leader who disciplined us well. Thanks God for him.

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