Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best Friend Wedding

12 November 2008
I'm so happy today cause today is my best friend, Shirlyn Loi Teck Ming's wedding. Actually I felt guilty that I didn't get to go to her house to become 'ji mui'. We knew each other since when we were in primary six, can you imgine that we have been best friend for 14 years? Even her english name Shirlyn are given to her from me. Well, although she is not a Christian but I thanks God that she can still be understanding when I told her that I need to canceled off the "ji mui' gathering at her house one day before her wedding due to some works in church. I hope one day God will touched her heart and she will turn to God. God bless my friend....

The 'Ji Muis' Table Menu

They Are Walking In

Getting Nearer

WOW! So Pretty...they looked so alike I thought her husband is her brother

This uncle and aunty dance ball room dancing so well that everyone applauded.

Drinking the Champagne

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