Tuesday, December 2, 2008

J-Kids Camp 2008

21-22 November 2008

Before The J-kids Camp - See How High The Stage?

Viviana SS
Opening Dance - Try To Spot Me...

Praise and Worship

Lunch Time - Yummy!

Speaker - Rev. David Wong

Speaker - Swee Lee

Games - Samson and Delilah and Lion

This two brother so cute, both of them have a pony tail behind

what are this kids doing? Yup, they are doing bumping...I got them doing it just to get them away from running around in the Hosanna Hall. They enjoy it and they challenge with each other and see who did the most.


Look like couple hor?? So Cute~

Colouring Time

Darren and Me

J-Kids Camp 2008 Big Family Picture

The Dance Video for Closing

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