Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

17 November 2008
This day is Risma Sari Cristanty Pakpahan and Malcolm Wong's big day. It's their wedding day. Crist, you are now known as Mrs. Wong already...ain't you proud? You have been waiting for this day to come for so so long. Cristanty has been my best international friend while I was in Nilai. She is from Indonesia. She had been there to encourage me when I'm down. We shared so many things together and watch movies together in my room and not forgetting going to "Aunty Aini's" to have our meal. I even get to spend time with her family members while they were in Malaysia and bring them to Malacca, with Rynold, Crist's brother driving. I get to know Crist from Malcolm. We were working part time in the restaurant. Really miss out the fun time and the precious moment we had with each other. Really felt so bad that I can't even get to attend her wedding due to too many events coming up during this Christmas season. Well, I pray that God will bless both of them a happy wedding and may Lord you continue to bless both of them. Below are some of the nice pictures of them.

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Malcolm Wong! Gosh....when is my turn gonna come???hehe...

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