Wednesday, December 17, 2008

J-Kids Camp Committee Evaluation

11 November 2008
The J-Kids Camp 2008 Committee members had our evaluation at Pulau Labuan. Wow, it was great! We had really yummy food, at the same time we also celebrated Alex, Joanne and Lorna's Birthday which is fall on December. We were half way in our evaluation and the restaurant is closing at 10pm. We then moved to McDonald Labuan to continued out evaluation. It was so funny coz I am the youngest there and all of us are eating McD ice-cream while we talk. We talked till 12am. Can you imagined that all the uncles and aunties got so much to talk? I felt so tired that I almosy fall asleep. Below are some pictures I took...

In Pulau Labuan

Birthday Celebration

Ice-cream at McD

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