Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wonderful Day

Power Point Training
Today I had my Power Point Training for some of the J-Kids (English) teachers. I was so nervous as this is my first time giving training to the teachers. I prepared some short notes for them which are step by steps. I really hope they are able to master it in no time since I will not be in starting from January 2009. I will be away to KL for four months. Well, praise the Lord that 3 teachers turned up and they learned quite fast. I even taught them how to setup the settings from Laptop to PA and from Laptop to Projctor. It was fun anyway.

J-Kids (Chinese) Christmas Party
I was invited by Yah Ping Jie to help out in the J-kids (Chinese) Christmas Party. Today is also the day they officially launched the J-Kids (Chinese). It was fun. They have story telling, praise and worship, balloon making, giveaway, gifts and foods. Here are some of the pictures I've taken:

Yah Ping Jie doing Welcome obedient...sit down so quietly

Rev. David Popping the Pop Out and Officially Launched the J-kids (Chi)

Woops...the pop out are flying everywhere....

See how messy the place is...full with pop out

Set Fui leading us in Praise and Worship...nice action

Uncle Heng teaching us how to use ballon to make deco for our head

Wow...that is the mickey mouse ears leh...

Lastly....Foods.....Yummy Yummy...I'm So Hungry...

Today really very tiring...after everything, night time still got saturday night service again. Tomorrow is Sunday, need to go church again...then afternoon got drama practice, then night time got staff farewell dinner for Roy and also Ka Seng. We going to have gift exchange. It will be an exciting night and it will be a very tiring day again tomorrow. I'm going to have a long break, no worry...."Ku Berjuang Sampai Akhirnya"...

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