Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Children Worship Conference (24-25 November 2008)

24-28 November 2008
Sorry for not updating my blog, really takes me a long time to update. This few weeks really busy. I have been away from Labuan for 5 days, 24-28 November 2008. I have been attending the Children Worship Conference in All Saints Cathedral, KK. It's totally AWESOME! It's my first time taking the children out of Labuan and it is also my first time leading the aunty and uncle together with the children. I really learned a lot from this trip. There 11 children from Labuan attended this conference. Is a great challenge for me as this group of children are a bit hyperactive. It really gives me some nerves to get them to listen. Well, ,thank God that I am still able to do it. Thanks God for His strength and wisdom in helping me to deal with them. Below are some of the pictures during the conference.
Departing from Labuan to Menumbuk

Brenda and Ashley

Annie Wong

In One Borneo

Eating in The Jaws

The Tablenacle

Bronze Basin

Bronze Altar

The Ark of The Covenant

Table of Showbread

Brenda and Me in room SS

Somebody Took Our Pic

We SS in Room

Annie and Jia Yi

Gab, Sam, Fam and Brandon

Brenda and Ashley at City Mall

Children Choir Presentation

Mime Presentation

Rev.Chok Kee and His Wife, Lily Tan (My Cousin)

The Planning Team (Committee)

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